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After successfully losing over 50 pounds on the Ketogenic Diet, Chayla shares her knowledge with Meal Plans, Guides, Coaching, And Monthly Weight Loss Challenges.


My name is Chayla, aka KetoChayla. I've struggled with my weight my entire life and I felt stuck after trying diets after diets, I knew after stepping on the scale at 224 pounds I had to do something to better myself. I discovered the Ketogenic diet in May 2018 and researched it heavily until I felt confident enough to start on August 25th, 2018. Trusting God, I started posting on Instagram to keep myself accountable and it honestly changed my life forever. Keto has made me a whole new person, my confidence is amazing, and I'm glowing from the inside and out. I started inspiring  and helping out so many people just by posting on my Instagram  and I want to keep doing that by offering more of my knowledge to others.

I started hosting my Keto Weight Loss Challenges in 2019 and I’ve changed  over thousands of people's lives. It warms my heart when I hear my clients say they're getting their confidence back, not  feeling depressed anymore, and feeling better than ever, so for that reason, I will forever share my knowledge and continue to change lives every day!